Workshop Services

We repair all popular makes of domestic entertainment equipment:

LCD, LED, PLASMA and CRT televisions,

DVD, VCR and AUDIO Recorders including Reel-to-Reel Tape-Recorders.

Hi-Fi: Amplifiers, Receivers, Tuners, Record Decks,
Speakers, and Radios, including Valve equipment.

All repairs are carried out with great care and attention to detail to
maximise reliability and ensure the best possible value for money.

To cut down repeat failures we fit higher grade components wherever possible,
and frequently improve on poor original design

We are very proud of our unusually low repeat failure rate.

We supply second-hand equipment which we have checked, repaired or reconditioned.

We supply replacement remote controls. See below.

On-site Services

Install, connect up and set up new (or old) equipment.,
We will also help you get started with it if required,
- very popular with customers new to DVD and Hard-Disk recorders (PVRs) for example.

Move Equipment to a new location.

Collect equipment for repair and re-deliver / re-install it afterwards.

Install or update freeview digital Set-top boxes, PVRs etc.
We can supply the box or install your own purchase.

Attend to a wide range of problems arising from the use (or misuse!) of
sound and vision equipment.

Just give us a call and we'll see what we can do!


You can bring your equipment to our workshop at 33 Jennings Road, St Albans,
or arrange for us to collect it. It is essential to telephone us before you come. (01727 867020)

Call-outs are available to sort out problems on-site,
install new equipment, or collect equipment for repair.

This service is available in St Albans and the surrounding,
towns up to approximately 10 miles distant.

Collections and home visits are normally arranged for weekday evenings,
but daytime call-outs can be made where neccessary.

Please text, email or preferably telephone (a discussion is usually more productive).

Remote Controls

Yes, they get broken! They get lost. They just pack-up.,
We can repair many non-working remotes, or we can get you a new one.,

Each piece of euipment has its own design of remote control, so there are thousands of different types. Most shops stock "Universal Remote Controls", which you have to program to work with your equipment when you get it home. But this can be difficult, and may not even work at all. There are so many codes to choose from, and the right one for your set may not even be there. And if you do find a code that seems to work your set, it may not work all the functions! Further problems arise if it becomes accidentally de-programmed, sometimes with the help of "little fingers", or when the batteries go flat.,
Worst of all, when it doesn't work you can't tell if it's because the remote is not correctly programmed or because the set, or the remote, has broken down!

So we avoid Universal Remotes like the plague!
We have a much better idea: if we can't repair your remote, of if you don't have one, we will get you a new one to suit your particular model: a Dedicated Remote. Just supply us with the Make and Model Number of your equipment so we can get the right one. This will do exactly what the original one did, and it can't forget how to do it! We'll even put in the batteries so you're ready to go!
So don't hesitate.  If you need a new remote
check your Make and Model number and give us a call !

Hours of Business

Monday to Friday - 9.00am to 6.00pm *

Saturday - 10.00am to 1.00pm *

      Closed :   Sundays, Bank Holidays, Family Holidays etc

* Sometimes the workshop is closed during normal opening hours.
  Please telephone in advance to check that we are open.

Call-outs and on-site visits are available by arrangement, including weekday evenings.
Please call for details without obligation or to make a booking.
All enquiries welcome.
We are always happy to help in any way we can.

Here's a thought: An evening call-out may save you taking a day off work.